Southwest Florida's Structural Repair Specialists

"Providing customers with the highest level of customer

service, quality craftsmanship, honesty and integrity."

No project is too big or too small. The sky is the limit!


From the engineering, to concrete structural repairs and restoration, waterproofing,

pressure washing and painting, we have you covered.

We’re a well-rounded business, experienced in several repair categories below:

Concrete Repair

and Restoration


* Spall Repair

* Full Deck Replacement

* Cathodic Protection

* Stucco Repairs

* Crack Injection

Painting and Waterproofing

Structural Strengthening

* Deck and Wall Coating

* Crack Repair

* Expansion Joint Systems

* Concrete and Masonry Systems

* Decorative Paver Systems

* Industrial Coatings

* CFRP Installation

* Span Shortening

* Underpinning

* Foundation Stabilization

Facade and

Cladding Repair

* Sealants

* Balcony and Slab Repair

* Handrail Repair & Replacement

* Window Replacement

* Door Replacement


tension repair

* Structural Reinforcement

* Industry Certified Repair & Installation Crew

Masonry Repair

and Restoration



* Brick Replacement

* Repointing

* Shelf Angle Construction

* Flashing

* Pinning and Anchoring

* Building Exteriors

* Roofs

* Ideal For Stripping Paint

* 100% Shiny & New Look

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