Fort Myers Beach Seawall Repair at Leonardo Arms

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Fort Myers Beach Seawall Repair

Project Intro:

After Hurricane Ian the residents of Leonardo Arms on Fort Myers Beach found themselves in a dire situation with their seawall. Following the devastating storm that ripped through Southwest Florida (SWFL) in the fall of 2022 Florida Structural Group (FSG) has taken on many projects like this one as they work to rebuild the region. Be sure to review this complete list of videos for our seawall repair on Fort Myers Beach to see this transformation.

The structural integrity of the buildings at Leonardo Arms was massively impacted by the storm, there was no way around building a new seawall as soon as possible. FSG, being a local SWFL business, was happy to take on the project so the residents can someday return to their home.

Once the engineering and permits were in place the Marine Construction Division of FSG took action. Soon enough they were building a new seawall to help protect this property for years to come.

Take a look at this project from behind the scenes in the videos below where we document this process. We are proud of our team and all their hard work and we thank you for stopping by to check out this seawall repair project on Fort Myers Beach!

Leonardo Arms NBC2 News Feature Stories:

One Storm Away From Devastation with NBC2 News

The story at Leonardo Arms started well before Hurricane Ian. Check out this news report by NBC2 News about this property and its vunerability along the shoreline.

Post Hurricane Ian Story by NBC2 News

After the hurricane the structures at Leonardo Arms still stand! Check in with this report from ground zero at this emergency marine construction project.

Seawall Repair Project Update #1

Work begins at Leonardo Arms on Fort Myers Beach! Chris reports from the project site with a status update. The team is prepping to install the sheet panels that will provide a temporary seawall. They first must clear and cleanup the area from debris including full and partial sandbags left over from the last attempt to secure the structures.

Fort Myers Beach Seawall Repair Update #2

Chris checks in with an update as the FSG Marine Construction Division begins installation of the permanent Truline seawall that will be over 400 feet long. One day at a time, the rebuild continues!

Seawall Repair Fort Myers Beach Update #3

In this update Chris and the team have a lot going on at Leonardo Arms. This seawall repair project is running at full speed as we start our first concrete cap pour while we continue to drive panels further down the line.

Emergency Seawall Repair Update #4

Check out this video update as the FSG Marine Construction team finishes up the final cap pour on the permanent seawall on Fort Myers Beach.

Fort Myers Beach Seawall Contractor Update #5

With the new permanent Truline seawall in place we now add a protective barrier with a rock revetment along the wall. This will help break up future storm surges and tides before impacting the main seawall.

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